Just Say No to Solicitation From Individual Damage Lawyers

I often read in our regional press sites in Corpus Christi, Texas and the surrounding areas about men, women, and children in our neighborhood who are the sufferers of regrettable and serious personal injury as a consequence of the total carelessness of organizations and as the consequence of auto injuries, transportation injuries, driving under the influence injuries, and work related injuries, and those who have lost a family member as the consequence of medical negligence. Often the press sites report these dreadful injuries hours after they occur. I have honest sympathy for my family members, friends, old and new, and the people in our neighborhood whose lives are forever changed by dreadful circumstances such as described. This is why I became a lawful professional, to serve my clients, to advertise rights and equity to those who need lawful help in times of such disaster.

However, I must recommend, with all sense of rights and equity in my being, that if you the close relatives members are the sufferer of such disaster, and you receive any form of unwanted interaction from an lawyer attempting to attract you to seek the services of such lawyer to signify you with respect to your own injury situation after such a disaster… Just Say NO! Again, Just Say NO!

I do not believe in calling, emailing characters, or personally calling any sufferer of a serious incident, nor will I ever do so, other than a very close member of close relatives members like my mother, father, sis or sibling. If attorneys get in touch with you in such a manner after you or your family members have been damaged in a car incident, I ask that you JUST SAY NO to solicitation from attorneys. I recommend that if you need lawful help in a duration of disaster, that YOU choose who get in touch with for help.

It comes down to one simple TRUTH… if you are at a bad point in your life due to a serious trouble for yourself or a family member caused by the carelessness of another party, such that you want the best car incident lawyer possible to help you the close relatives members, do you really want to seek the services of a lawful professional who approached you in your duration of grief? Do you really want to trust an emergency vehicle chaser to handle your case? Or do you want to seek the services of an moral lawyer who stands by INTEGRITY, COMPASSION, AND EXCELLENCE – a lawful professional who principles his client’s best interest at heart over the “number of cases” the lawyer is able to sign!